Kyler Andrew Watson. Engineer, Designer, Process Artist.

 "I'm hoping to help change the world by disseminating progressive technology (especially creative technology) to the public. I think we've entered into a new era of expression and thought with the development of ML techniques and I'm excited to be part of this new wave of expression. I've been playing around with Generative systems for the last few years in the domains of music and design and am excited to see what the future holds." 

How I Might Serve:

Reinforcement Learning for automated world-takeover schemes

CNNs and GANS for automatic content generation from specialized data sets. 

Variational Auto-Encoders for lower-dimensional representations of input/output feeds

Computer vision and feature extraction.  (Let's give your application eyes!)

dsp/fft applications, MaxDSP, groovy art-installations. (go yoko;)

CSound, WebAudioAPI, Pure Data, and Sonar XX for Audio engineering applications

Design of templating systems for hard-to-ML problems

AI-Driven image manipulation and batch processing. (Smart processing) 

Creation of technical literature and reports for teams on subjects relating to emergent science and technology (let me teach your team machine learning!)

Design and implementation of Decentralized Apps  for market disruption (Let's make your business the next Uber)

Consulting on Artificial Intelligence and disruptive technology

Statement: I believe very strongly that art should serve people. Art is a spiritual vehicle to meet the aesthetic and necessary needs of the human soul-- especially that of the creator or observer. I believe mechanisms which are enacted during the (pure) creative process are an expression of an objectively (subjective) higher element in human beings.  I believe this higher substance is the highest pursuit of art, religion, and moral philosophy.  I believe the value of art has more to do with this element than with the creation of art-works. 


believe that  the development of technology is leading us inevitably to conditions where artists might be totally unrestricted in their expressions-- Even to the degree of being able to translate pure feeling or pure thought onto canvas or into moving images. I think Neural Networks are an important step toward this end. I hope, as a service to humanity with insights I've gained from my career to help develop and disseminate these technologies and techniques for the greater good of that superior element and human beings in general. 

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K. Andrew Watson.

ML Engineer & Designer

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